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4k video is a wide team of specialized professionals:

- Producers
- Scriptwritting team
- Graphic designers
- Presenters
- Journalists
- light & electric technicians
- audio technicians
- 3D animations & graphics
- Camera operators
- Specialized risk shooting operators
- Subaquatic camera operators
- Hot head and crane operator
- Camera stabilizer operators
- Electric travelling operators
- Travelling machinits


This great team of professionals is coordinated by:

Jordi Casadevall, technical director.

Jordi Casadevall, director.

Superior technician in image. He has worked as ENG and studio camera, producer, crane and hot head operator, electric travelling operator, and light technician in cinema and publicity productions, as well as in news and television programmes for 40 TV, Andorra TV, Canal 9, Aragón TV, La Sexta, DornaTV, Televisió de Catalunya and Spanish Television.

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