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During the shooting of our documentary in Pushkar, we made a shooting diary video.

Every day we uploaded a video in the web, without edition and colour changing, to show
the contents that we have shot every journey.


L'equip de rodatge surt cap a Pushkar

Day 01. The shooting team leaves Barcelona.

We fly today from Barcelona to Pushkar. We hope tomorrow we'll begin shooting our documentary!

L'equip de 4kvideo arriba a Pushkar

Day 02. We arrive to Pushkar.

We finally are in Pushkar. It seems far, but we are there. Now we’ll try to meet Narpat.

1er dia Devkish

Day 03. Devkish Rajpurohit interview.

This is part of the first interview. Mr. Devkish Rajpurohit explains the relationship between Pushkar’s holy lake and Hindu mythology.

1er dia Narpat

Day 04. Narpat drives to Ajmer to buy clothes.

Narpat is one of the documentary protagonists. He works for the Prem Spanish Medical Foundation. Today we followed him driving to Ajmer, where he bought clothes for the poorest families from Pushkar.

Visita de Narpat

Day 05. Narpat visits some poor families.

Narpat visits a town to know what the poor families need. These families will still poor during the fair.

Pregaria jove brahaman

Day 06. Sonu, a young Brahmin, makes a "pujah" to Krishna.

Our documentary doesn’t show just the cattle fair, but the deep religious feeling from Pushkar inhabitants also. Today we have shot a young Brahmin making the “pujah”, a pray to Krishna.

caravana de camells

Day 07. The surroundings from Pushkar are full of camels.

A lot of camel groups have arrived from all Rajasthan the last days. They install the camps around Pushkar.

Entrevista a Rahgu

Day 08. Rahgu, a life dedicated to the camels.

Rahgu was born in a camel man family. His grandfather began this business and he loves so much his animals that he can't sell anyone. Last year, Rahgu received the first prize in the camel decoration competition.

La fira comença amb el Deep Dan

Day 09. The fair begins with the "Deep Dan".

Thousands of small oil lamps become lighted up around the holy Pushkar lake on 14th. November evening.

Concurs de decoració de camells.

Day 10. Camel decoration competition.

This is one of the most important events of the fair. The camel men adorn the animals with decorations that they had elaborated during the last months.

Concurs de vestits de núvia a Pushkar

Day 11. Indian bride competition.

A tailor proposed to Ana, our second camera operator, to participate in the Indian bride competition. She received the second prize.

Cercavila de nuvis

Day 12. Two fiancés riding decorated horses in a wedding.

The day before the wedding, the fiancés gleam their suits riding decorated horses. Their relatives and people invited to the wedding show them across the streets of Pushkar.

Caravanes de camells

Day 13. The camel caravans begin to leave Pushkar.

The last days of the fair, the camel men had already done the business they wanted and the first camel caravans begin their long way to home.

Fira de cavalls i vaques

Day 14. The cattle fair.

The cattle fair ground is completely full of horses, mares, cows and bulls. During all day, there is a frenetic activity to keep the animals in good conditions for doing the best business.

Peregrins visiten temple

Day 15. The pilgrims visit the temples from Pushkar.

The pilgrims that arrive to Pushkar to make a shower and pray in the holy lake during the November full moon visit also some of the 500 temples from this city, like this one, dedicated to Vishnu.

Acte de cloenda de la fira

Day 16. The fair ends with a great final event.

The fair ends with a display of all the cultural events that had taken part during these days.

Pujah de l'equip de rodatge Dia 17. Pujah de l'equip de rodatge al llac de Pushkar.

Narpat made us the "pujah" on the last shooting day. We could not leave Pushkar without it!

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