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Catalan Cup Trial broadcast in Esport3 Channel off Catalan TV

The April 3 was conducted the first test of the Catalan Cup Trial 2016 in Barcelona. 4k video and perform SAIG shooting a program to broadcast a summary of 27 minutes in the Esports3 Channel of National Television of Catalonia.

This test, organized by the Catalan Cycling Federation and Trialsport, is consolidated in Barcelona with large numbers of people and participants.
This year, the winner was Abel Mustieles, the current world champion in 20 inch wheel. They followed Rafa Tibau, Sergi Llongueras and Eloi Palau.

The technical crew by 4k video formed by a producer and director, a producer, five cameras, a crane machinist, an editor/colorist, a graphic designer and a storyteller, shooted live event. a summary of Television of Catalonia was delivered to the broadcast by Esports3, sports channel.

We leave you with the program of 27 minutes that is broadcast on Esports3.


“Espais de Memòria” in the Zapping awards
Entrevista amb Devkish al llac de Pushkar

The television programme “Espais de Memòria”, produced by 4k video, is in the final of the XVI Zapping awards to quality television. The programme competes in the News, features and documentaries for local television.

“Espais de Memoria” is Comunicalia’s choice for these awards, which not only acknowledge quality television programmes and those who work in them, but also they are the only television awards that are directly voted by the Catalan public.

4k video will be present in the final thanks to Joan Vila, Comunicalia’s director, the support of Memorial Democratic from Generalitat de Catalunya and to the effort of every single person who has been part in this 4k video project and helped make it true.



Pushkar shooting

Pushkar holy lake
The shooting begins! A 4k video shooting team flies to Pushkar on 6th. November to shoot a documentary about the biggest camel fair of the world.

The documentary objectives are showing the people life in Pushkar, city where every year thousands of hindu pilgrims arrive to purify in the holy waters of its lake, the importance of the camels in the economy of the desert inhabitants, the work of Narpat Singh Rajpurohit for the "Prem Spanish Medical Foundation" NGO and the camel fair.

Jordi Palau made the “in situ” documentary pre-production in July.

The shooting team is formed by Jordi Casadevall Arnaus, cameraman and photography director, Jordi Palau, scriptwriter and producer, Ana María Concejal, second camera, and Jordi Casadevall Ginestet, coordinator.

During the three shooting weeks, 4k video will upload a shooting diary video to the website 4kvideo and to the facebook every day.


4k video starts a new project for Canal 33
Canal 33, logo

4k video has started the phase of production of a project entrusted by the Canal 33 from “Televisió de Catalunya”, and in the next weeks will start the filming, which will take place in several regions of Catalonia.

For this project, 4k video has the collaboration of the Barcelona’s producer Funky Monkey.

Soon you will find a detailed description of the project in our web site.


4kvideo in the shooting of "La veganza de Mariela".
La venganza de Mariela

The director Luís Cabeza is finishing his last short, "La venganza de Mariela".

4kvideo worked with the photography director Pedro Segura by collaborating with the electricians and lighting specialists in the journey when the "cameracar" was the protagonist.

A large team of professionals, who usually collaborate with Luís Cabeza & Head Produktions, made possible this short film based on the idea of "La chica de la curva".

La venjanza de Mariela

This project lasted about two years and, as its director mentions in the short film blog, “we expect that it has a long life”.

In the "La venganza de Mariela" blog you will also find other projects by the same director, like  "Engendro" or "Repelús", which accumulate a total of 16 prizes, as well as a collection of pictures and "La venganza de Mariela"’s making-off.

4kvideo congratulates everybody who worked in this project and we wish the film a great success in the cinema festivals around our country.

Watch making off


4k video is shooting a new program
Espais de Memòria, Jordi Palau, Jordi Casadevall, Pol Galitó

"Llocs de memòria" is a possible title of a new program that 4k video carried out last week.

4k video is ultimating the production of the first chapter of a program on historical events in Spain and Catalonia during the civil war and the post-war.

This first chapter has been shooted in the Merengue, one of the sites of the “Front del Segre”, and it will be part of one of the 13 chapters proposed by the “Democratic Memorial”.

Espais de Memòria, trinxeres del Merengue.

The hill called “Tossal del Deu”, known as “the Merengue” from May’1938, was a part of the resistance in the "centre de resistència del Merengue". Its defense was very important for Franco’s army and a crucial obstacle for the republican troops, who attacked it once and again without success.

We expect this project to be approved soon. You will enjoy it.


Embellece, the last add shooted by 4k video
Embellece, spot.

Embellece is a new web site for those who want to take care of their image.

4k video has been shooting the new add of Embellece which will be broadcasted by several television channels in Spain.

Unik-A, the promoter of this project offers in its web site www.embellece.com, an extense line of totally safe exclusive products, treatments of beauty of easy and fast application, and clinically proved by the best international laboratories. Efficiency, speed and security, the three keys to feel better and really easy to reach.

Well-being embellishes you...! What are you waiting for?


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