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The enthusiasm for our work gives us energy to start new projects continuously.

Television projects with cultural content and nature.

Customized marketing video projects, documentaries, spots, ... with creativity and imagination.


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Pushkar Doc





Capçalera Copa del Món Bicitrial 2014

Collaboration with 3 mp crane in MotoGP

Ready to get started a new collaboration with 3 mp crane in MotoGP world championship motorcycle next to Dorna Sports.

4k video together with 3mpcrane, will form part of the TV crew to travel on circuits around the world with the goal of record and rebroadcast the international television signal of the championship Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP.

MotoGP - 3 mp crane
3 mp crane with Dorna Sports in MotoGP

Dorna Sports, the company that manages the rights of speed motorcycling championship, has confidence with 3 mp crane company, to be part of this great team of professionals that provide the international television signal in over 90 worldwide broadcasters.

We hope that this relationship can last many years and we are sure that the work done will be of quality and will improve with the new material that has incorporated 3mpcrane company, such as the new Pee Pod Hot Head and the Jimmy Jib Triangle crane.



Pushkar Doc

New 4k video documentary in India

The 4k video production team has started its new documentary pre-production which deals with the biggest camel fair in the world.

Pushkar, Rajasthan
Pushkar - Rajasthan

Pushkar, Rajasthan, Ghats

Purification bath in Pushkar.

The documentary will be shot by 4k video during November 2010 in Rajasthan (India), and will show the big camel fair that takes place in Pushkar every year.

The objectives of this documentary are to show the changes this fair causes on Pushkar daily life, to analyze how climatic change and globalization affect both the fair and the inhabitants of the Rajasthan desert, and finally, to introduce the fair to the great public.

As part of the script writing and pre-production processes, 4k video has been working in India during July 2010 in order to carry out the first contacts with the protagonists and to select the locations that the documentary will show.


13 Wonders of Spain

13 Wonders of Spain

USA’s Tv producer UNIVERSAL TV has been shooting the documental series of 13 chapters named “ 13 Wonders of Spain” for 3 months.

This is a new astonishing UNIVERSAL TV’s production. The audience will enjoy with this series a Dep. and complete knowledge of each one of the World Heritage Cities, with their music, excellent gastronomy based on the worldwide well known Mediterranean diet. And, of course, they will learn the wonderful stories, legends and historical events that will make them live a medieval past that still exists, becoming the real protagonists.

Universal TV, equip de rodatge de Las 13 Maravillas de España

Part of the team of Universal TV.

4k video has been actively participating in the electrical and lighting part as well as in the crane and traveling shots.

At present the series is in edition and postproduction. According to the New York producer, the first chapter will start to be broadcasted on PBS channel by November’2009.


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